The Takeaways

Your customer at the center of the flywheel is always how your business should be. To make that happen, you now have a CDP or customer data platform.

It's the software to have for your people-based marketing.

This webinar shows you:

  • How your business can hyper-focus on every customer interaction across channels
  • How a CDP actually helps a marketer build a deep relationship with his customer
  • The difference between a CRM, a DMP & a CDP

A must-watch for:

  • CMOs
  • CTOs
  • CDOs

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Let Our Experts Tell You About A CDP 

Today, a native enterprise CDP is a must-have software for any business, be it B2C or B2B. Webinar attendees will get to know not only how a CDP works, but also understand how it can help marketing hyper-focus on every customer interaction across channels.

- Critical information required before the purchase of a CDP -                                        

The Speakers


               Sameer Warudkar, Product Engineering Head,                             is an expert in predictive modeling, data integration, and data profiling techniques. He has over 15 years of experience under his belt. His specialties include enterprise data architecture, data integration, data mining, and Business Intelligence strategy.


Udayan Kelkar, Vice President, Sales US and UK/EMEA,  is an engineering graduate from IIT, Delhi, India. Udayan has over 30 years of experience in sales management/marketing/partner management in products and SI businesses. Udayan has led global sales /marketing teams, consistently delivering growth through new customer acquisition for a portfolio of products and services.