The Takeaways

As a marketer, you will agree with one thing - your marketing communication needs to resonate with the audience. Without targeted marketing though, there`s a high chance that your campaign will fail. So how do you ensure your message does reach the intended audience?

The answer is predictive analytics.

This branch of advanced analytics uses present and past data to scientifically forecast outcomes, trends, and more. It discovers and analyzes the patterns in the data for identifying (a) opportunities (b) future risks.

Predictive analytics works by integrating various techniques - data mining, statistics, modeling, and analysis. Today, there are two more stages to it - artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Helmed by Express Analytics CEO Hemant Warudkar, this webinar held on July 11, 2019, deeps dive into: what exactly is predictive analytics, and what does it really do to fetch you the desired results from your marketing activities.

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On download, you will get meaningful information on:

1. How to take advantage of predictive analytics in marketing

2. The common mistakes organizations make using predictive analytics, and tips to avoid them

3. The best practices implemented by mature organizations in the use of predictive analytics  

4. The popular tools to enable predictive analytics



Hemant Warudkar   Founder and CEO of Express Analytics®, a cloud-enabled marketing analytics company.