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Try Oyster, more than a CDP - a customer intelligence platform:

  • Increase Return on Marketing Spend (ROMS)
  • Need to integrate all data sources
  • 360 Degree view of customers
  • Improve the customer experience (CX)
  • Add relevance of your marketing
  • Make Contextual recommendations
  • Enhance Personalization
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Oyster the next frontier in CDP technology

Express Analytics is amongst the innovative CDP. Our Best Customer data platform Oyster gives marketers complete control they need for creating amazing customer experiences, by bringing together data integration, AI-driven marketing automationanalytics and UX optimization with a best-in-class CDP.

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360-degree single view of the customer with best CDP Oyster

Oyster integrates data silos and blends fragmented data. A true understanding of your customers delivers dream moments, enabled by Oyster's omnichannel execution capabilities.

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Omnichannel  experience

Oyster CDP helps you to deliver a smoother buying experience to customers regardless of the channel, platform or the stage of the buyer’s journey. Oyster achieves this through identity resolution, real time recommendations based on a 360 single view of each customer.


User-Friendly Platform

Oyster CDP is designed for marketers/analysts. There is no need to raise request with IT for ad hoc reports/queries and other activities. The user interface is simple, straightforward and  intuitive. It requires very minimal training for becoming productive.


Segmentation and customer insights

Oyster CDP’s ability to capture  structured/unstructured customer data and create a single unified profile for each customer enables very powerful features. Deliver the right offer to right customers at the right time through the right channel using these profiles.

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Try our Oyster CDP for One Year at no charge. Receive free support during the trial. Express Analytics is amongst the most reliable CDP vendors in the industry.

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