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When the Beauty of Figures is Not in the Eye of the Beholder

Our Marketing Analytics experts step in to unveil the hidden power of numbers

The health and beauty sector faces many challenges today. One of it is competition from e-commerce. Express Analytics offers the right prescription for your pain with its digital marketing, customer segmentation & profiling solutions. 

Express Analytics provides powerful analytics and unique insights to satisfy the personal care and beauty demands of retailers and manufacturers, allowing organizations of all levels to make wise and strategic decisions to expand their businesses. 

Data analytics in the beauty industry is not only about improving operations; it’s also about turning data into actions and insights and targeting high-value customers.

Companies can use data to resolve instabilities in how customers adhere to their beauty regimens, perhaps by introducing loyalty program features. 

With the use of multiple strategies, skills, and technologies, healthcare companies are obtaining insights from health data to reduce costs and enhance patient experience. 

Through prescriptive, descriptive, and predictive analytics that are combined with AI and ML, healthcare businesses can build stronger consumer relationships, improve financial performance, and enhance the way healthcare is delivered for better results across the whole range of health sectors:

  • Life sciences
  • Healthcare providers
  • Health insurance
  • Public health
Life sciences analytics
Express Analytics’ healthcare analytics can transform life sciences businesses by:
  • Finding and developing healthcare treatments for the future. 
  • Delivering fresh medications to patients quickly. 
  • Enhancing sales and marketing approaches and manufacturing processes.

Analytics for healthcare providers 

Health analytics is shaping the healthcare industry in the below-mentioned ways:

  • Increasing patient expectations for customization
  • Increasing access to care via fresh community partnerships and creative commercial ventures

Health insurance analytics

The health insurance industry is growing exponentially, becoming customer-focused and complicated. Insurers are implementing data-enabled technologies to adapt to the new landscape.

Health analytics and data management platforms can provide a proven way to simplify regions including customer retention, actuarial inspection, and health and condition management. 

However, one region where analytics is transforming the insurance sector is fraud identification and prevention. Quicker, deeper investigation and identification of major risk indicators at all corners of the process are essential to managing costs and safeguarding patients. 

Our modern analytics with embedded AI features improve the detection, and management and avoid issues associated with payment integrity from all angles.

Analytics for government

Health analytics from Express Analytics help public sectors with:

Healthcare waste, abuse, and fraud: Quickly identify and inspect doubtful claims and detect undisclosed behavior among criminal connections before making improper payments. 

Population health results: inspect data to discover health inequalities, focus on healthcare programs accurately, and ensure the appropriate allocation of healthcare resources.

Here’s what Express Analytics can do for you:

  • Identify key customer segments for targeted marketing campaigns
  • Transform digital data into actionable insights to deliver an enhanced customer experience.
  • Increase campaign effectiveness
  • Conduct a systematic assessment of marketing channels to ensure alignment with business objectives and maximize ROI.

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Challenges You Face

The US health and beauty industry is under seizing. Internet retailing has turned the business of beauty into an ugly commercial battle. Vitamins and beauty brands are struggling against the might of giant internet retailers.

But there’s hope. The median age of the population continues to rise, offering enormous potential for health and beauty companies.

So, what do you need to do to be part of this growth?

It’s no longer enough to innovate or optimize your store, or your sales channel. What you need is the power of digital marketing analytics.

If your data lies comatose, bring in the specialists to breathe life into it and your marketing.

Your Data, Our Remedy 

Your data is a motherlode of information. We will help you tap it to unleash your business’ potential.

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