Analytics for BFSI Sector

Use the power of BFSI data to reduce uncertainty, boost earnings, and automate manual processes.

A Scientific Boost For Your Bottom Line 

Our Financial Analytics experts step in to unveil the hidden power of numbers

The Banking, Financial Services & Insurance sectors face many challenges today. One of them is competition from non-banking players. Express Analytics offers a bouquet of financial analytical solutions to help with your marketing & customer segmentation efforts. 

Here’s what Express Analytics can do for you:

Express Analytics enables digital transformation via its research and development activities for the BFSI sector.

  • Identify key customer segments for targeted marketing campaigns
  • Transform digital data into actionable insights.
  • To help understand all the value BFIs can derive from their total relationship with customers 
  • Financial planning services
  • Promote a sustainable return on investment through practical insights
  • Improve risk-driven decisions across your business
  • Boost customer trust by generating responsible results and eliminating bias
  • Identify and use opportunities for automation to enhance efficiency

Ensure your BFSI’s success in the development of the digital world. Use cloud, open banking APIs, and fintech technologies. Manage rise in regulatory needs. Create customized customer experiences that boost engagement.

Allowing technologies to boost your digital transformation

Artificial intelligence

Meet client and regulatory compliance needs with rapid speed, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency.

Cloud Analytics

Experience the similar agility your clients have with a full range of cloud deployment options.

What is the Role of Analytics in BFSI?

  • Make quicker and more data-enabled decisions to increase overall revenue
  • Find major products and customers
  • It focuses more on a customer-centric strategy and tracks compliance perfectly

    Develop your analytics approach. Accelerate revolution and enable digitalization using AI, data management, and analytics platforms built on a cloud-native, scalable architecture.   

    Explore how BFSI data analytics solutions from Express Analytics with embedded AI and predictive analytics potentials are helping meet different strategic business requirements.

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